Product Features

Web, FTP and Mobile Access

Access your files from any web browser using our HTML5 responsive design. Or use any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) to manage your users and files.

It&apo;s simple -- use the same URL/domain and login as the web app and get more access.

Web & FTP

More Users, More Space, Fewer Limits

Add as many users as you'd like for no extra charge. You can create unlimited files, folders and share links. With no file size limit through FTP and unlimited transfer you don't have to worry about finding a way to send huge files.

Unlimited FTP connections allow everyone to be connected to your site simultaneously.

Unlimited users

Customized Links

Do you need to share your recently uploaded or shared files? With FTP Hosting you can create custom links to files and folders for easy access and delivery. Set expiration dates and passwords for extra security.

You can also enable anonymous upload links to request files from users without creating new accounts.

Share links

FTP With Your Logo

FTP Hosting is instantly transparent once you add your custom branding. Your logo, colors and company name will appear everywhere inside the application.

Use your own sub-domain to take it a step further and create a branded FTP solution.

Custom branding

FTP Mobile Access

Access your files from any web browser using our HTML5 responsive design. Use any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) to manage your users and files.

Same URL/domain, same login, more access.

Mobile access

Manage FTP Permissions

Control the access of your files, folders and users through an easy web interface. Limit access or give more access to specific users and groups.

All user access starts at an assigned home directory folder and cannot access any parent folders or files.

Set permissions

3 Simple Steps to Get Started With FTP Hosting

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Full Features List

In case the features above didn't excite you enough, here's a
nearly complete list of what we have to offer:

  • Activity Notifications

    Set unlimited, advanced notifications for when a user uploads, downloads, or deletes a file on your site.
  • Advanced File Control

    Set FTP and online file secure access rights to upload, download, move/copy, and delete files.
  • Auditing and Reporting

    Keep track of the activity on your site in real-time with detailed reporting.
  • Custom Branding

    Customize your account with your logo, company colors, and domain name.
  • Custom Domain Name

    Use your own domain name for your site to create a professional relationship with your clients.
  • Drag and Drop Files

    Just drag your files directly from your computer to the browser for simple online file storage.
  • Easy To Start

    Get set up and running within minutes with the help of your FTP Hosting team.
  • Fast Uploads/Downloads

    Access your files quickly with our centrally located data centers.
  • File-2-Email

    Create virtual links, allowing users to download your files from our system without a limit on file size.
  • FTP Secure Connections

    Connect and transfer files and folders securely using SFTP, FTPS and FTPES.
  • HIPAA Compliant

    We give users the options to store activity logs for up to 6 years.
  • Mobile/Tablet Access

    HTML5 responsive design allows users to connect through any device with optimized user experience.
  • Multiple User Types

    Have complete control over who can add, delete or edit users with our three types of user access.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect

    Use any FTP program, web browser, virtual drive or our API to access your files.
  • Powerful Search

    Our advanced search allows you to search file content in addition to filename. Add tags and attributes to make searching for files even easier.
  • Serious Security

    Utilizing the latest security standards, we ensure your data is being protected at all times.
  • Simple UI

    We only show you the available options based on what files you click. Also, files now appear as you scroll down, no more paging.
  • Smart Link Management

    Reuse your links and see what links have been sent by simply clicking on your file.
  • Timed User Sessions

    Grant a user secure access to the FTP Hosting system for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Unlimited Connections

    Have all of your users connected simultaneously to your account without a problem.
  • Unlimited Users

    Create an unlimited amount of account groups and users with an Unlimited plan.
  • View Your Files

    Open and view your files directly in your FTP Hosting account, including images, movies and other image file formats.
  • Web-Based Control

    Manage and share your files online without downloading any software.